Amalfi Coast, Italy

This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen ! A place where all your worries disappear. It is definitely on my list of favorites. It has been said the Amalfi Drive is not a road to somewhere: It is the destination. 

We rented a scooter and rode from Sorrento along the enchanting coastline with breathtaking views to Amalfi. The largest town on the coast and a popular resort. The city starts at the water’s edge with a promenade along the Mediterranean and a marina full of boats displaying international flags. Perched above Amalfi approximately a quarter of a mile is Ravello with a birds-eye view of the coast. We had to stay a while and let it take our breath away.

The star of Amalfi is the Duomo. It sits at the top of a staircase of 62 steps and welcomes you with its black and white facade. The Duomo is truly a beautiful structure. Inside is the hidden Cloister of Paradise dating back to 1266 with an amazing fresco.

Along the coastal road between sheer cliffs and rugged shoreline there are terraced vineyards and cliff side lemon groves. A glass of wine or Limoncello are definitely in order before you leave the area.

Author: emnye

I'm an abysmal golfer. My blog is my object of rumination. I like to carry my heart to new places, fill it with as much awe and wonder as it can hold and and let it overflow onto the pages.

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