Sochi, Russia


Russia was a fascinating destination !  We have no visa, so the only way to see Russia was with a tour group. Sochi sprawls along the shores of the Black Sea and the back drop is  snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, Europe’s highest range.
We saw Stalin’s dacha (summer home). Cameras are prohibited in most major museums, but his home was not on that list. He was a cruel and ruthless leader that killed millions of his people, including some who served him loyally.
We went to a park with a mountain lookout tower which had a beautiful view of the sea. This was a destination location for Russian and American tourist alike. Not our preferred way to discover a new place, but we have seen a small portion of it and that’s a start.



Author: emnye

I'm an abysmal golfer. My blog is my object of rumination. I like to carry my heart to new places, fill it with as much awe and wonder as it can hold and and let it overflow onto the pages.

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