Cadiz, Spain


Cadiz is on a peninsula in southwest Spain and almost entirely surrounded by water. It is an ancient port city where Arabian influence is evident in the architecture, and is intriguing with narrow cobbled streets and small squares. It suffered under the Visigoths and Moors, but attained great splendor in the early 16th century as a launching point for the journey to the newly discovered lands of America. Christopher Columbus sailed from Cadiz on his second and fourth voyages, and the city later became the home port of the Spanish treasure fleet.

IMG_0102Plaza de España in Cadiz, commemorating the Spanish Constitution of 1812.

You can see the scale of one of the rubber trees in Alameda Apodaca. These were huge sprawling trees similar to the banyan trees in Hawaii. The Nubian dragon tree in the second photo was beautiful and unusual. For the fun of it I’ll explain it’s mythical origin: for his 11th labor Hercules had to bring back three golden apples from the garden which was guarded by Landon the 100-headed dragon. Hercules killed Landon and his blood flowed over the land, which began to sprout dragon trees. The tree exudes ‘dragon blood’ – a red sap – when cut.

The Alameda de Apodaca is a wide terraced promenade lined with leafy palms and old-fashioned street lamps. Along this elegant and picturesque pathway tourist as well as  locals have serene sweeping sea views. A wonderful place to enjoy evening strolls.

I will leave our Cadiz adventures with low tide photos. We walked out on the moss covered rocks with the wind blowing and waves splashing and along the beach with colorful fishing boats and Castillo de San Sebastian in the background.

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