Cadaqués, Spain

We rented a car and headed in the direction of the Costa Brava and Cadaqués. We drove up the mountain with winding roads before and behind us and terraced hillsides all around. We were looking down on a village referred to as the Pearl of Costa Brava, facing the Mediterranean Sea. The town’s center piece is the church of Santa Maria, built between the 17th and 19th centuries. All the buildings are white and blue, so it resembles Greece, with hints of Portugal, narrow winding cobblestone streets like Italy, but it’s undeniably Spain.

Charming Port Lligat

Cadaqués is a town that has a special place in art history, not just the home of famous Salvador Dali, but numerous notable artist spent time here. We toured Casa-Muse Salvador Dali and gazed leisurely at Port Lligat. One of Dali’s quotes is “Have no fear of perfection- you’ll never reach it”. I’m certain this is true, but where he chose to live and work is as close to perfect as it gets.

In the early 20th century a large number of inhabitants of Cadaqués emigrated to Cuba. Many were financially successful in Cuba and returned to Cadaqués where they constructed large ornate houses. One example is the Casa Blavatsky or Blue House.              The tranquility and charm  with views of headlands and olive trees made it difficult to leave, but wanting more is always a wonderful reason to return.


Author: emnye

I'm an abysmal golfer. My blog is my object of rumination. I like to carry my heart to new places, fill it with as much awe and wonder as it can hold and and let it overflow onto the pages.

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