Bilbao, Spain/Guggenheim Museum

Gleaming titanium, limestone, glass and steel the museum of modern and contemporary art is built along the Nervion River which runs through the city of Bilbao. It is HUGE, beautiful and an indescribable architectural masterpiece. Tulips, a bouquet of multicolor balloon flowers blown up to gargantuan proportions, belongs to the Celebration Series initiated by Jeff Koons.

Puppy another piece by Koons is a 43′ tall topiary sculpture of a Terrier that stands guard outside the museum.


You begin your viewing experience on the third floor, “The Foundations of Today’s Art.” The second floor features “Temporary Exhibitions.” The galleries in “Views of Contemporary Art” on the first floor bring cutting-edge works through Film and Video as well as exhibitions that are more experimental in nature. Permanently installed in the largest gallery is a sculpture that forges a new relationship with the spectator, whose experience of an object becomes crucial to its meaning. “The Matter of Time” is an interactive piece and as you walk in and around these double ellipses and complex spirals they create an illusion of shifting in unexpected ways. These sculptures create a dizzying, unforgettable sensation of space in motion.

Over 30 feet high the giant spider Maman is like a larger-than-life creature escaped from a bad dream or a secret childhood fear. The Euskadi plaza is across from the Guggenheim.

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