Honfleur, France

The legacy of the Impressionist painters, the so-called Ecole d’Honfleur is obviously prevalent in the multitude of galleries. Cafés and restaurants line the Vieux Bassin (old harbor) so dining options abound as well.   

Saint Catherine’s Bell Tower

Saint Catherine’s church is a unique timber built church with a separate bell tower. It is the largest wooden church in France, and was constructed entirely by sailors, with the limited resources available during the second half of the 15th century. The interior is like being trapped in an upside-down double hull. I wish I had photos of the unique construction of this beautiful wooden structure.

We chose to make a day trip to Bayeux. It has the wonderful Norman cathedral and amazing “tapestry” (stitching on linen) of the Norman conquest of England. We spent most of a morning in the museum. The tapestry is very well displayed and to view the nearly 1000-year-old stitches depicting the winners’ version of these events is absorbing.

The explorer and French navigator Samuel de Champlain set sail for the New World from this harbor. He was the founder of Quebec City; the first French colony in Canada and died there on December 25, 1635.

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I'm an abysmal golfer. My blog is my object of rumination. I like to carry my heart to new places, fill it with as much awe and wonder as it can hold and and let it overflow onto the pages.

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