Baden-Baden, Germany

Baden-Baden (literally the baths of Baden) is located on the edge of the Black Forest and is an extremely relaxing beautiful place. Dotted with biergartens, spas with curative waters, and an opulent Casino you can find your perfect form of entertainment or relaxation.

It has grand colonnaded buildings and whimsically turreted art-nouveau villas.

Nature flaunts its unrivaled beauty in Baden-Baden.  We enjoyed a delightful stroll through the magnificent Lichtentaler Allee park and garden. Every year around 1,800 dahlias of 64 different varieties bloom in late summer.

It has been a popular spa destination for more than 2,000 years, and much evidence of the Roman presence can still be seen at the well-preserved Roman Bath Ruins. The best example is the Soldiers’ Bath under the present day Friedrichsbad spa with its ancient floor and wall heating systems. We left our inhibitions at the door, bathing is nude and frequently mixed. Which can be just as much of a shock as the plunge into the changing tempatures of vaying baths.  We experienced sheer bathing bliss in an invigorating 17 step ritual. Once you emerge after being wrapped like a cacoon and left in a dark room to revive, you realize the time you spent there was only three hours. Three blissful hours of your life, that left you feeling like time stood still.Old town area

This quaint German town with its gently murmuring fountains and decorative facades was appreciated by creative thinkers like Henry James and Mark Twain. Take time in the evening to explore the maze of streets on your own, most of the sites will literally be shut down. The semblance is you have Baden-Baden all to yourself.

Baden-Baden is also a place to walk or ride your bike along the canals and appreciate your lush surroundings. A town where Johannes Brahms spent his summer months between 1865 and 1874 and where he wrote many of his most famous arrangements.

Enjoy the magical Rebland Vineyard area, one of the best known Riesling wine regions, or a well known beer garden the choice is yours. We tried them both.

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