Autumn Equinox in Colorado

Unlike most living things that gain energy through food, trees get their energy from sunlight. Chlorophyll, a chemical inside leaves, converts this sunlight into energy for the trees through a process called photosynthesis. However, during the equinox there is far less sunlight than usual, which means less energy for the trees. This shift in sunlight is the main reason the leaves change color and fall from the trees in autumn. It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year in my opinion.DSC01588

We drove from Albuquerque, New Mexico and made Trinidad, Colorado before we were forced to stop to have our windshield wiper blades changed. It was pouring rain and the old blades were useless. Little did I know Trinidad has quite a reputation. It is known as the sex change capitol of the world. The discoveries you make when you travel can be enlightening.

We arrived in the Denver area, sat in front of a fire and settled in for the evening at the home of friends. When morning arrived we had a fresh powdering of snow, red rocks as a back drop and deer looking in the doors.

The snow melted and mid day was lovely. The next day was hiking along the river.

Met some friendly and inquisitive Big Horn Sheep on the Waterton Canyon trail. Arrowhead Golf Course

Arrowhead Golf Club has spectacular views and we even found time for a round of golf before leaving. Onward to Ft. Collins. The city of Fort Collins and the craft beer industry have a unique relationship. 70% of the craft beers produced  in the state of Colorado are produced here. Naturally we had to spend a little time in Old Town and enjoy a local brew.

I couldn’t resist sharing these busy guys on campus finding nuts and hiding them for winter, while the one wearing a collar lounges on a limb and watches. Another discovery on this trip, the first campus squirrel I’ve ever seen wearing a collar.

Boulder was our next stop. We went straight to Pearl Street open mall, and enjoyed some time there before moving along to Salida. Now this is an interesting place. The Arkansas river runs along the downtown area, the buildings are old but repainted and well maintained. This quirky little town feels similar to a movie set.

Moving along we found ourselves in Rifle Colorado. The Aspen trees were such a brilliant golden color I couldn’t get enough of the natural beauty.

DSC01665The above photo was taken in Ridgeway Colorado. Dennis Weavers family has divided  his land here into plots for future development. The bronze eagle is at the entrance. I thought is was striking, even though the time of day was not optimal for capturing it. There are some absolutely stunning views in this area. We had beautiful scenery all the way to Telluride.

Landing strip in Telluride
Telluride Colorado

A spectacular 13-minute ride on a free gondola—the first and only public transportation system of its kind, links the towns of Telluride and Mountain Village. This provides access to hiking and biking trails in the summer and the ski slopes in the winter. You can load the gondola in either Mountain Village or Telluride and ride to the midway point (Station St. Sophia) where these trails are accessed. At any time from there you can then continue on to the other side. From Station St. Sophia I snapped the photos of the landing strip on the mountain across from us and the town of Telluride nestled below, confirming again how quaint, unique and beautiful this jewel in Colorado is.

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