Madrid, Spain

Here we are in beautiful Madrid again. When we were last here we had the pleasure of staying in the flat of a friend who was away. She made some wonderful suggestions for places to go and things to see.  We are more familiar with the magnificent city this time, Continue reading “Madrid, Spain”

Santillana Del Mar, Spain

We arrived in Santillana Del Mar the Town of three Lies, since it is neither saintly, flat or by the sea as implied by its name. However the remains of Santa Juliana (Santa Illana), how the town actually acquired its name, are in the Colegiata, a Romanesque church and  former monastery.
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Cartagena, Spain

We decided to forego agendas and wandered Cartagena aimlessly on foot. The city dates back to 100 A.D., and thanks to its Mediterranean location, it has been inhabited by many
different cultures, who have all left their mark during its tumultuous history.
It’s interesting to see ancient Roman and Spanish buildings surrounded by palm trees. Continue reading “Cartagena, Spain”