Terlingua/Big Bend Area

This was first published on my La Dolce Vita blog in 2010.

We took Mom, Emily, her friend Lena, and Lucky to Big Bend. While we played croquet and hiked, Mom enjoyed visiting with her brother. We visited the ghost town of Terlingua (the girls thought the Doc Jones house where we stayed was haunted). A good time was had by all.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Our first retirement trip…..not what we expected.

The pre arranged sky diving was canceled, due to bad weather, and that was the reason we went !
Not all was lost though, we met up with Dustin and saw a good show.

Still living La Dolce Vita

Explore, Capture, Document. Achieve the life you love.


I started my La Dolce Vita blog in September of 2010. I blogged about some of our travels and ¬†posted a few photos as we began our sweet life of wandering and exploration. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but wish I had continued. I would be so much farther along than I am now. I plan on recapturing a portion of that blog and sharing it again, since it truly is the beginning of this journey. Those of you who experienced it once may want to fast forward, or reminisce and enjoy it again. That’s up to you.

I am blogging to satisfy myself more than I should probably admit, but hope as I continue this process you will find some places of beauty, bits of wisdom and moments of happiness that will enhance your mood, your day, your life.